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HVE bestaat 55 jaar!
Real estate broker Hoekstra & van Eck Makelaardij
Real estate broker Hoekstra & van Eck Makelaardij

Why do you need a broker from Hoekstra & van Eck?

Our real estate brokers
Our real estate brokersHoekstra & van Eck

Our real estate agencies

We're open at times to suit you, convenient for viewing at weekends: Our offices are open 9am-17.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm Saturdays. In addition, our chat (english spoken) is available till 23pm every day.

Our employees are ready to serve you. Good advice is always personal!

T 085 - 773 77 74

Buying your
Buying yourdreamhouse

Buying a house

Why you need a broker from Hoekstra en van Eck? There are a few reasons. The real estate market in Holland is huge and you don’t want to make a rash decision. And, of course, you don’t want to pay more than necessary. Our brokers will always be there to help you make the right decision!

At Hoekstra en van Eck we approach the purchase of a house in five different steps. Read them via the following link:

Buy a house

Your house presented
Your house presentedin an unique way

Selling a house

At Hoekstra en van Eck we know that selling a house is quite a difficult occupation. The price, location and of course the movement of the real estate market are just three of the many factors that have to be taken in account when you want to sell your house.

We make sure you get all the support that you need in this process. We can offer you an advisory, in which we’ll show a thorough market research. Also, you’ll get an estimation of the asking price. Even though we are great at the competences above, one of the differences between us and other brokers is the way we present your house, which includes a 3D-presentation of the house and a virtual tour.

Sell your house

Mortgage advice
Mortgage advice


Looking for a mortgage? Hoekstra en van Eck has a partnership with De Hypotheekshop. In this way we can not only help you find a house, but also help you with the financial part that comes with it. Of course there are some different situations where you can be in at the moment. Maybe this is the first house you’re going to buy. Questions like “what is the maximum amount of money I can loan?” and “what about the interest I’ll have to pay?” will come up and we can answer them for you. Or maybe you are looking for a bigger house because of the family planning. Is mortgage refinancing a good idea? Our mortgage advisor will give you the best advice in every situation! 

More about mortgages

Properly insured
Properly insured


When something goes wrong in any way whatsoever, the last thing you want to focus on is your insurance. At Hendriks we offer you the best insurance advices from a team of experienced insurance advisors. From car insurance to contents insurance, you name it, and we will make sure you will get. Through an advisory we can help you to look for the insurances that suit your conditions perfectly. Because of the great partnership between us and some big insurance companies and our competence to assign loss allowance, we promise you a quick and easy settlement. And, of course, all of these matters can be taken care of online.

Insurance advisory

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